Pregnancy Acne

Pregnancy acne can be associated with hormonal acne. If you are one of those women who don’t get acne breakouts even during your menstrual cycles or monthly period, then you are most likely not to suffer acne during pregnancy too. This is also applicable vice versa. But there is always an exception so don’t get too laid back. According to statistics, fifty percent of women who are pregnant suffer acne.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes not only physically but also internally. One change is the increase of hormonal levels. It usually happens on the early stage of being pregnant. This certain type of hormone helps your body to adjust in preparation for pregnancy. Just as this hormone is helpful for your pregnancy, it can also increase acne breakouts. It increases sebum production thus increasing the possibility of clogged pores.

Of course, it may sound like a helpless cause to you. Since, your baby’s health is the priority above all you simply cannot use any acne treatments. Some child defects are usually from acne treatment done during pregnancy. This is why most mothers don’t use any skincare products at all. But you should remember that there are natural remedies. These tips are all safe for pregnant women:

  • Being pregnant may create a lazy you. There are just days that you don’t fell like doing anything even getting off your bed to shower. But it is highly recommended that you wash your face and hair every day. This avoids oil build-up near your hairline causing acne on your forehead and temples.
  • Wash you face daily but not over twice a day. Too much washing can cause drying and prompt greater sebum production. Also, use lukewarm water in washing since it is milder for the skin. Take note: lukewarm. Hot water can create moisture imbalance.
  • After washing, use a soft towel to pat dry. If possible, change towel and washcloths often. This avoids germ build-ups.
  • Women tend to cover up acne especially when going out. This is okay as long as you don’t overdo it or used make up that have contents that are bad for your pregnancy. Do your research well and read labels before buying any products you use on your skin.
  • If you already have a beauty regimen, consult your dermatologist before you continue. It is better to sought experts’ advice so to avoid complications. Ask for prescriptions and brands that are safe for you and your baby.